Leaving Devon

I am all packed and ready to go. This afternoon I get a national express coach up to see my friend who lives on the outskirts of reading who in the the time since I have seen her last has got pregnant and had what is now an 18 month old girl, so we will have much catching up to do.

It has been a very relaxing week with my retired parents, although we have been relatively busy with shopping ect. It has been different to live in a caffeine soaked environment where they almost always have a cup of coffee at 11am and tea at 4pm, very pleasant though.

Hopefully the next time I write I will have some interesting photographs to accompany my dubious prose.


Visiting my Parents

Currently I am enjoying visiting my parents.  My aunt is also visiting which is very nice as I haven’t seen her for many years. We have been spending the time enjoying good food and wine and taking it easy, just what I need. Yesterday we went to Totnes to have a look around the shops and then to the White Hart at Dartington Hall for a very pleasant lunch and today we are going to Exeter for some shopping after putting my aunt on a train. I still have a few mundane things to buy, like padlocks and ziplock bags, all essential items though.  Totnes is an interesting little town that is full of hippies and alternative folks but subsequently has a good variety of interesting shops and cafes.
I have seen quite a bit of my brother this visit, including visiting his house in Teignmouth which he bought quite some time ago but I hadn’t seen until a couple of days ago.

I have also been reading my guide book for India quite a bit, and the problem is that now I want to go everywhere! I am getting very excited about the prospect of travelling as departure becomes more imminent . I do miss my man though even though it has only been a few days.