Manali Weed. Well it is one of the things that this place is famous for. Manali itself is a domestic tourist centre where rich Indians come to trek, and enjoy the cooler mountain air. In the surrounding villages of Old Manali and Vashisht is where all the backpackers hang out. I stayed a couple of nights in Old Manali before I headed to Spiti and one night in the centre of Manali before I got the bus to Delhi.

This will probably be the last post before I leave India. On the morning of the 15th (just past midnight Monday night, 60 hours away)I fly to Mexico to meet my man and I can’t wait!


Kumzum La

This is the high pass before you enter the Spiti valley, its around 4500ish and therefore not one of the highest. There are three stupas with a road around and the buses make a respectful circuit of the stupas before heading down (and they stop for a few minutes too, for photo’s/toilet ect).

Mist over Mud

This is Mud, (pronounced mood) it is in the Pin valley which is an offshoot of the Spiti valley. Unfortunately for the day I was there it was cloudy and rainy all day, I guess thats why it is a bit greener than Spiti. I stayed in a guesthouse that only seemed to have 3 rooms with a outside composting toilet. I was in the building with the family and the old lady of the family seemed to take a liking to me and kept on inviting me for tea or curd or other food.


Back to pretty rural landscapes. These houses seem very similar to those found in Ladakh and subsequently in Tibet (so I have been told). They are designed to keep any heat inside the house during the extreme winters and have very thick walls and small windows. On the other hand they offer minimal protection from water as this area gets very little rain and when it does it evaporates quickly as the air is so dry.


I was wandering around down by the river near Losser and I found this clearing with several horse or cow carcasses and many dried bones lying around. Why they where all there together I really don’t know though, but it reminded me what a wild bit of countryside it was all around me.
Sorry about the macabre content.