Email from Angkor

HI guys
Well this will be my last bulk email to you guys coming from SE Asia as I’m flying home on Monday (on the 18th Sept) and therefore will be seeing some of you before you check your mailboxes (well the ones that don’t check their mail often).
Well since I last wrote I have spent quite a while in Bangkok doing Thai massage courses (in basic Thai massage and advanced medical massage therapy both at Wat Po) and then i headed into Cambodia via the Palin border and stayed a few nights in Battambang which is a town with not much to see or do but it’s Cambodia which Siem Reap isn’t really (its just touristville) and then got the boat to Siem Reap, the boat journey was beautiful through several floating villages (its amazing the photos that you can take from a moving boat) with bamboo fishing cranes.
I then spent 5 nights in Siem Reap and spent 3 days mooching round the temples, the first day I spent with a moto driver but for some reason I kept on feeling guilty for making him wait for me, I know it makes no sense but there you go. The second and third days I spent on a bicycle which was much better although the trip to Bantery Srai which is 37km from Siem Reap was a little hard on my legs especially as the bike was just your typical crappy Asian no gear bike. Anyway I could have sent you way more photos of temples but I hope I have sent you the best (or my favourites this evening).
Ill be able to tell you all about it and bore you all senseless soon enough,
Love Charlie

Banteay Srei

Angkor, Cambodia
This temple is 25Km north-east from the rest of Angkor, luckily all on the flat as I cycled there and back. I started off at dawn to avoid the heat of the day and the bus loads of Korean tourists and I arrived here at about 8am and had a good hour to mooch around before the crowds arrived at about 9 when I left.