Flying Home Tomorrow

Hi all, I know I have been a bit slack with my blog recently, there are reasons but the main one is that I am not especially fond of Central America. I guess after coming from India everywhere would be dull and expensive but it seems that these countries are either trying to emulate the USA with fast food restaurants all over the place or that they are dangerous gang ridden places, or both. This is only my opinion but I suppose I find churches dull as they are everywhere at home and the indigenous religions are so quietly practiced as to hardly exist so all the things that would fascinate me about a place is lacking.

All that said, I am flying home tomorrow via Miami, Toronto and then to Heathrow arriving on Friday morning, and I am really looking forward too it.

I will update with some photos from Utila and Granada but until then. I’m not sure what to do with this blog when I return home and stop travelling, I might just keep it for general ramblings but I guess I will see, any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Author: nualacharlie

Book Blogger, Nurse, Mum, Sun Worshipper, Buddhist, Bookworm,

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