Indian Holidaymakers

The next destination was a place where Indian holidaymakers come predominantly. Dalhousie, a hill station which, like many places in the mountains in India, has a Tibetan population and hence these Buddhist paintings and Tibetan Script are here.

We where only in Dalhousie for 3 nights, and it seemed to rain a lot in this time. Alas in these 3 days I managed to get food poisoning on the night of the last day (never eat chicken in India).


Long awated updates

HI there everybody

I have finally got to somewhere where the internet isn’t a combination of slow and expensive (Manali) so I will be updating with photographs from the journey from Mcloed Ganj to Leh (via Chamba, Dalhousie, Jammu and Srinagar), and photos of Leh and the surrounding area. Sorry about the delay but it cant be helped and hopefully it will be worth it. It might take me a couple of days to put them all up though, I did take a load of photographs in Leh.

I only have a couple of weeks left in India as I fly to Mexico City on the 15th of July to meet my man, finally! I’m not quite sure what I will do with the time, but I will be spending some days in Delhi shopping and mailing parcels home (well to my parents).

Into Kashmir

I have been incredibly slack with updating my blog with photos, this is mainly due to my total slackness and partially due to expensive slow internet access here. Currently I am in Shrinigar, the summer capital of Kashmir in northern India on my way to Leh. I am traveling with a couple of girls from South Africa. We have traveled from Mcloed Ganj and went to Chamba for a few days, this is a pleasant river town with loads of little temples and shrines all over the place. From there we traveled about 3 hours to a hill station called Dalhousie which is popular with Indian honeymooners and familys. We then took another bus journey into Kashmir to Jammu which is the winter capital, it was hot and otherwise unremarkable. From here we took a share jeep that was supposed to be quick but due to the fact that we got a puncture and then the repair failed twice the journey took 13 hours when the bus would take 12, not a brilliant turn out.