Emerging From Retreat

I have been very slack with my blog over the past few weeks but for once I have an excuse. I have been doing a 10 day Vipassana meditation course at the centre here at Mcloed Ganj. This involves a 10.5 hours of sitting meditation a day starting at 4.30am! and no speaking, reading, writing or doing anything other than meditation eating and washing really. It was tough but worth it I think, but I think I am a little too close to it to see the full benefit yet. I will update with photos from Mcloed Ganj and around in a few days.


Golden Temple

This is the most sacred Sikh temple and pilgrimage site. I stayed in the accomodation block attached to the temple. Also like all Sikh temples there is a huge kitchen which serves a basic meal of rice, lentils, beans and rice and bread and also a really nice rice pudding with coconut. This meal is avaliable 24 hours a day and this specific kitchen puts out up to 1000 meals at a time.