Taj Mahal at Sunset

The almost compulsary shot, almost at sunset so the light is a bit softer than at other times. Altogether I took about 100 shots in the three hours I spent there but as it cost about 10 pounds (only for foreigners, locals pay 20 rupees (30pence)) I kinda felt I should get my moneys worth.

Agra in contrast to the Taj mahal itself was horrible, hence no photographs. Probably one of the dirtyest places I have ever been and by Indian standards thats pretty dire.


Traffic Jam in Old Delhi

This is a traffic jam India style, it is moving, but slowly and they are all using their horns far more than would really be appropriate anywhere outside of Asia.
Cycle rickshaws seem to make up the bulk of the vehicles. I would not want to be a cycle rickshaw driver in Delhi, the pollution here would flatten most people and subsequently the life expectancy is around 45 or so.