Bridge to the Island

Vang Vieng – Laos.


Photos from Laos

HI guys
I’m in Laos in Luang Prabang and having a great time. From Sukothai in Thailand I headed north to Chang Mai. Chang Mai was great and I will be going back there sometime in the new year but I was only there 2 days as I headed off to Laos with an American and a guy from London. From Chang Mai I got a minibus to the Thai/Lao border near Chang Rai and then got a slowboat to Luang Prabang . Luang Prabang is a lovely city, its a pretty small place for a city but it was the 1st capital of Laos hence why it has so many old temples (Wats) and so many monks (there are 100’s of them, far more than i have seen anywhere else before. Especially if you see them around 6.30am which is when they are out on their alms round. From here I went north to Nang Kio on the local bus (which is basically a truck with 2 benches one on either side) then took a boat for about 1 hr upstream to Old Muang Noi. Old Muang Noi is a tiny little village with no roads and they only have electricity between the hours of 6 and 9.30pm. The scenery is amazing, huge hills rising up very sharply from the river with virgin forest covering much of it. There are loads of little villages dotted around which you can either trek or get a boat to (or both). I spent much of my time sitting in my hammock in front of my bungalow alternately reading and watching the world go by on the river.
I’m back in Luang Prabang now and heading off south towards Van Vieng tomorrow.
Enjoy the photos and hope everything is going well back in Blighty
Love Charlie