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I am very proud to report that my dad has become the world bellyboard world champion today for the second time (he won it first in 2007).  It is a competition that has been running for 9 years now and its all done on wooden boards and no wetsuits allowed, and its held at a Chapel porth beach in north Cornwall.  You can find out all about it on the competitions website here if you fancy giving my dad a run for his money next year.

The World Belly Boarding Championships 2010 from Sideways Cornwall on Vimeo.

I have slowed down on my reading recently to do a bit more crochet, but there are a few books that I am in the middle of:

Await your reply by Dan Chaon : This book was sent to me as a secret post club parcel from Stephanie at mumof4   and has apparently been really popular in the US. I am just starting it now but it seems to be a good read.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffengger:  Great book with really quirky characters who you can, despite or possibly because of their problems empathise with. Would recommend. 

   The Czar’s Madman by Jann Kross:  This one was given to me by my mother in law in Estonia, who I have not met yet.  I am only part way into this book which seems very interesting but its a bit heavy going

check out Jules’s blog, I need curtains for the windows in my head  to see what other folks are reading this month.

What are you reading?

It has been quite a quiet summer, no jetting off to foreign climes as I don’t think either me or my man are up to the rigors of travelling with a 2 year old.   But we have:

1: Been down to visit the grandparents

This isn’t hard as they live in a beautiful part of Cornwall about 100m from the beach at a place which used to be where the folks from Camborne (10 miles inland from there) used to go on holiday, now its more likely to be full of people from the more prosperous parts of the country but as lots of the chalets rent is £1000 per week  in peak season I am not surprised. 

2: Been swimming lots

Eva has gotten over her fear of swimming pools so we have been regularly attending two local pools and I am sure will continue to do so over the winter.

3: Had a visit from five Estonians

Some old friends of my OH’s came over to visit for a few days.  They actually made it this time as they where originally planning on coming over last summer but missed their flight after checking in.  

5: Had lots of walks in woods:  

Its probably the most common thing we do as a  whole family.  Eva ends up riding on daddy quite often though as my man seems to vastly overestimate the distance that a 2 year old can realistically walk

4: Rediscovered crochet:  

Eva will now let me crochet again, after months of stealing the wool and hook the moment I got it out she will let me watch her play whilst I crochet things, but I have been abusing this a bit and have given myself a slight touch of rsa,  currently I am making a multi-coloured shrug from sock wool and making a ripple laptop sleeve from the odds and ends in my stash (of which I have lots). (photos to follow)


I have just realised that this one is a couple of weeks late, silly me, anyway its done now so here goes.
Oh this is a difficult one, my toddler has kind of gone off movies in the past few weeks, saying everything is too scary apparently, so these are my favourites:

Toy Story 1, 2 and 3:  I have seen these so many times I have lost count, and like most parents of small children, can probably quote most of the script.  Nothing much beats them.

Flushed Away: This film is very British and proud, and therefore makes a pleasant change from all of the American accents.  It also has a very good cast with Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman  playing the main characters  The singing slugs are my favourites though. 

How to train your dragon: The flying scenes in the alone make is worth a watch, probably a bit scary for little ones but a great movie.

Tangled: They all have incredibly big eyes but its a nice movie with good songs which stick in my head for days.  Also Flynn Ryder, is a bit of alright

The Incredibles: I like the premise,  and its quite a watchable little film. 

I could have mentioned so many, Cars, Monsters Inc., Wall E, 101 Dalmatians but have to stick with 5, see what other folks thought  where the best kids movies over at Kate’s Place:

Thanks to Stephanie at mumof4 for this wonderful secret post club parcel, all the way from the States this time. It contains a book, some small canvases some sketching pencils and a mini manaquin, all of which I am sure to find useful. I had let the drawing practice slide a bit and have got back into gesture drawing again since this arrived a few days ago.

I haven’t participated in a Listography for quite some time now but I couldn’t resist this one.  Where to start though, I am not sure why but mine are turning out to be very food orientated
  1: Haribo Tangtastics – I think I am addicted, and they are so bad for me.  They are fattening and full of e-numbers and my dentist would probably give me a hard time if he knew, but so yummy.
   2: My weekly yoga class – having a whole hour and a half me time, and I feel great afterwards.
  3:  Glee – its so cheesy and trivial, but I love it.

4:  Reading a newspaper without being disturbed – this only happens when I have gone down to visit my folks and my mum takes my toddler out for a bit, bliss or the occasional nap.

5:  Eating a whole mango squeezed out through the stem hole.  – I was taught to do this in India years ago and its the only way I know of eating one without a knife that doesn’t need a bath and change of clothes afterwards, but you cant really share one this way.


I have been very much neglecting this blog lately but I have found some interesting little animations whilst browsing vimeo.


Papiroflexia from Joaquin Baldwin on Vimeo.

and another one:

Respublika. Motion graphics from Basie on Vimeo.

and this one is very cute

I have been totally slack and have failed in my plan to do another 365.   Sorry… Service may resume if not very often.

25/365 Bus by nualacharlie
25/365 Bus, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

taking random shots of folks on the bus.
I had a few hours off from looking after the LO to go into the city centre and get a few things.

Had a nice morning with Finn and Elaine with Eva at Dartmoor zoo, which isn’t far from Plymouth. Unfortunately neither Finn or Elaine where on top form but the Peacocks where.

24/365 Elephant Beanbag by nualacharlie
24/365 Elephant Beanbag, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

We have bought a jumbo Elephant beanbag for the front room, and its very comfortable, perfect for Eva and I to snuggle up to read some books together.

Eva and I had a lovely morning this morning with my friend Claire, her boys and menagerie (including cat, dog, chickens and rabbits (and some stray kittens she has found at the top of her garden). We even had fabulous home layed eggs for lunch, delicious.

22/365 Wine'o'clock come early on Fathers day by nualacharlie

Silent Sunday

21/365 by nualacharlie
21/365, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

I didn’t realise that I had taken one for this day, it is nothing special but better than another fail for this month. Pretty crap for the first month of the year but there goes

20/365 Eva by nualacharlie
20/365 Eva, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

She is learning how to pose ;)

19/365 Puddle Jumping by nualacharlie
19/365 Puddle Jumping, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

One of the benefits of rain, if your 2 years old anyway.

17/365 Granny with Eva by nualacharlie
17/365 Granny with Eva, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

Having a cuddle after being in the sea

18/365 Sweet Pea by nualacharlie
18/365 Sweet Pea, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

after the rain, from Granny’s garden

16/365 Crocodile by nualacharlie
16/365 Crocodile, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

A new second hand pull along crocodile toy, very quickly becoming a firm favorite. Not bad for 20p

15/365 Rain by nualacharlie
15/365 Rain, a photo by nualacharlie on Flickr.

It has been pissing it down today, the first proper rain for quite a few weeks, the garden will be glad of it, especially the grass which was going a bit crispy.,